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Setting Up Your Name servers through WHM

WHM nameservers setup guide

If you have a new server with cpanel/WHM installed on it and you want to set your domain name on this server. You might know that these setting are not set up by default so to set up your domain name you are required to do some work i.e. just follow the given points and this will help you to set up your name on the server:

•  Firstly log on to WHM that is installed on your server then go to "add name"option. Now just put some similar name there and save it like - and

•  If you want another name or the desired domain name on to your new server then allocate the IP address on it. This is because every name server has its separate IP address. And the best choice will be to have two different IP addresses form different subnets and this done because some domain registries will need failover purpose as they will assume that there are two different DNS servers in different locations.

•  If you have set up the name server and the IP address then you will require them to be added on the DNS zone of your domain. This functionality is required to have the real name or the desired name server obtainable for the internet handling. And there is a very easy procedure in the cpanel i.e. you just have to click on the button that adds the entries to the DNS zone file. And to check your domain name has been added or not you can double check the step by looking into the DNS zone file in WHM.

•  And the actual thing is that you have to register your domain name server to your domain registrar if you have never used your DNS server ever before. In most of the cases you will get an option to add DNS server in the domain control panel at your registrar. If you want that your domain name should appear on the internet then you will have to register your domain name server at your registrar and it will take around 6 to 36 hours to do the work.